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ML.NET Customer Showcase

Meet some companies using ML.NET to solve their business problems

SigParser converts e-mail signatures to contacts and eliminates manual data entry; it uses ML.NET to predict if an e-mail sender is human or an automated system.
Asgard Systems
Asgard Systems uses demand forecasting in grocery stores to reduce food waste and gas house emissions.
endjin uses ML.NET with AutoML to improve the process of classifying articles for their Azure newsletter and to revolutionize simple, everyday tasks.
Microsoft Real Estate & Security
Microsoft Real Estate & Security uses ML.NET to detect and classify HVAC system faults on Microsoft's campus and convert them to work orders.
Power BI
Power BI uses ML.NET to help users identify key influencers and customer segments so that they can understand the factors that drive their business metrics.
Williams Mullen
Williams Mullen uses ML.NET for document classification so that their lawyers can focus on clients instead of on searching through millions of legal documents.
Microsoft Defender ATP
Microsoft Defender ATP uses ML.NET to produce a variety of machine learning models to keep their half a billion users' computers safe from malware.
Brenmor uses ML.NET to categorize comments from patient surveys so that feedback can be quickly addressed by the correct personnel, improving the quality of patient care.
Evolution Software
Evolution Software uses ML.NET to predict moisture levels of hazelnuts during the commercial drying process and alerts operators when they reach the ideal level.
Scancam uses ML.NET to detect vehicles at fuel station pumps and provides alerts for known offenders who previously drove off without paying for their fuel.

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