.NET Conf 2019
.NET Core 3.0 launches at .NET Conf 2019 September 23-25, a free, virtual developer event.

ML.NET Tutorial - Get started in 10 minutes

Create your app

Open Visual Studio and create a new .NET Core console app:

  1. Select Create a new project from the Visual Studio start window (VS 2019), or File -> New -> Project (VS 2017).
  2. Choose the Console App (.NET Core) project template.
  3. Change the project name to myMLApp.
  4. Create the project.

Add machine learning

Right-click on the myMLApp project in Solution Explorer and select Add -> Machine Learning.

This opens ML.NET Model Builder in a new docked tool window in Visual Studio. Model Builder will guide you through the process of building a machine learning model in the following steps.

In your terminal, run the following commands:

Command prompt
mkdir myMLApp
cd myMLApp
dotnet new console -o consumeModelApp

The mkdir command creates a new directory named myMLApp, and the cd myMLApp command puts you into the newly created app directory. The dotnet command creates a new application of type console for you. The -o parameter creates a directory named consumeModelApp where your app is stored, and populates it with the required files.

Your model training code will be generated in the upcoming steps.