.NET Tutorial - Hello World in 10 minutes

Not ready to install anything? Try our in-browser tutorial.

Download and install

To start building .NET apps you just need to download and install the .NET SDK (Software Development Kit).

Enable .NET channel

In order to install .NET Core from Red Hat on RHEL, you first need to register using the Red Hat Subscription Manager. If this has not been done on your system, or if you are unsure, see the Red Hat Getting Started Guide.

Install the .NET SDK

After registering with the Subscription Manager and enabling the .NET Core channel, you are ready to install and enable the .NET SDK.

In your terminal, run the following commands:

yum install rh-dotnet22 -y
scl enable rh-dotnet22 bash

Check everything installed correctly

Once you've installed, open a new command prompt and run the following command:

Once you've installed, open a new terminal and run the following command:

Command prompt

If the command runs, printing out information about how to use dotnet, you're good to go. If not, use the I ran into an issue button to get help fixing the problem.