.NET Conf: Focus on Xamarin
Did you miss the special .NET Conf all about Xamarin, a tech that lets you build mobile apps all with C#? Watch the sessions on demand.

.NET Desktop Application Architecture

Desktop modernization e-book

This free e-book covers strategies to move your existing .NET desktop apps through the path of modernization and incorporate the latest .NET features.

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UWP architecture guidance

UWP extends the .NET platform to enable development for Windows 10 devices—PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, and Windows 10 IoT Core.

The VanArsdel inventory sample application demonstrates the MVVM design pattern, fluent design system, master/details UI pattern, Forms layouts, and more implemented in a sample Line of Business application.

Design guidelines for UWP apps provide design principles, patterns, tips, and code examples for creating high quality UWP applications.

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