Blazor Tutorial - Build your first Blazor app

Create your app

In your command prompt, run the following commands:

In your terminal, run the following commands:

Command prompt
dotnet new blazorserver -o BlazorApp --no-https
cd BlazorApp

What do these commands mean?

  • The dotnet new blazorserver command creates a new Blazor Server app for you.
  • The -o parameter creates a directory named BlazorApp where your app is stored and populates it with the required files.
  • The --no-https flag specifies not to enable HTTPS.
  • The command cd BlazorApp changes your directory to the one you just created.

What files were created?

Several files were created in the BlazorApp directory, to give you a simple Blazor app that is ready to run.

  • Program.cs is the entry point for the app that starts the server.
  • Startup.cs is where you configure the app services and middleware.
  • App.razor is the root component for the app.
  • The BlazorApp/Pages directory contains some example web pages for the app.
  • BlazorApp.csproj defines the app project and its dependencies.