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Free. Cross-platform. Open source.

Download .NET

For Windows

.NET 7.0
Standard Term Support Recommended
Version 7.0.5, released April 11, 2023
.NET 6.0
Long Term Support
Version 6.0.16, released April 11, 2023
What's new in .NET 7?

.NET 7 improvements include overall performance enhancements, new tools for cross-platform development with .NET MAUI, updates for ASP.NET Core and cloud-native development, ARM64 support, and more.

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Other .NET downloads

.NET Framework

Looking for previous .NET Framework downloads for Windows?

Download .NET Framework

.NET Coding Pack

With one download, the .NET Coding Pack gives you everything you need to get started coding with C#. The pack includes the VS Code editor, the .NET SDK, Interactive Notebooks, and more!

Download .NET Coding Pack
Download .NET Coding Pack
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Find official images for .NET and ASP.NET Core on the Microsoft Artifact Registry.

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Build it with .NET


Build web apps and services for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Docker.

Mobile and desktop

Use a single codebase to build native apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.


Consume existing cloud services or create and deploy your own.


Create independently deployable microservices that run on Docker containers.

Enhance your .NET experience

Explore further tools

Visual Studio

Fully-featured integrated development environment (IDE) on Windows for building every type of .NET application.

Download Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

Develop on Linux, macOS, or Windows to build cross-platform websites and services. Install the C# extension to get the best experience.

Download Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio for Mac

Build native Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps with .NET MAUI, plus websites and services with ASP.NET Core.

Download Visual Studio for Mac
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