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.NET Upgrade Assistant (Preview)

Move your .NET Framework applications to .NET 5 at your own pace with confidence.

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dotnet tool install -g upgrade-assistant

Reduce time and difficulty modernizing codebases

The .NET Upgrade Assistant is a .NET global tool that helps you incrementally upgrade your .NET Framework-based Windows applications. Take advantage of performance gains, deployment flexibility, and innovation by upgrading to the modern .NET 5 platform.

Significantly speed up your modernization efforts and get a head start on your journey to the cloud.

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Guided step-by-step experience

No magic wands, just prescriptive, step-by-step instructions to help you upgrade confidently. Analyze complex NuGet packages and understand where your dependencies are. Get step-by-step recommendations and fixes for project files, configuration, and source code. The .NET Upgrade Assistant helps you incrementally upgrade at your own pace.

You are in control of what and how code is upgraded.

Get started

Multiple project types supported

Whether it's an MVC web app or Windows desktop app, the .NET Upgrade Assistant can help. Currently, the preview supports the following project types:

More project types will be added later.

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Modernizing at scale

Companies like Optimizely (Episerver) are using the .NET Upgrade Assistant to move their enterprise-scale applications to .NET 5.

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Open source on GitHub

The .NET Upgrade Assistant is open source on GitHub and we welcome your feedback.

Visit us on GitHub

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