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.NET Support

Community support

StackOverflow is a great option for technical questions, and there are a lot of great answers to .NET questions already. Be sure to read the How do I ask a good question? guide.

The .NET developer community page has more great ways to connect with the .NET community.

Ask a question on StackOverflow

Bugs and feature requests

.NET Core

GitHub is the best way to report issues and suggest features.

.NET Framework & Visual Studio

Use the integrated Report a Problem feature in Visual Studio or visit the Developer Community.

.NET Website

Just like .NET itself, we're always looking to make our website better. You'll find a purple Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page (bottom of the page on mobile devices).

Support policy

Get the official support policies for the various technologies that make up the .NET platform.

View the .NET support policy

Microsoft Support

If you have exhausted other support options, you may wish to contact a Microsoft Support professional. Please note that personal help may incur a fee.