ASP.NET Core Application Architecture


ASP.NET allows you to build high-performance, cross-platform web applications. Patterns like MVC and built-in support for Dependency Injection allow you to build applications that are easier to test and maintain.

ASP.NET Core architecture e-book

This guide provides end-to-end guidance on building monolithic web applications using ASP.NET Core and Azure.

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eShopOnWeb sample application

See the concepts from the Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure e-book implemented in a sample application.

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Porting existing ASP.NET Apps to .NET Core e-book

This free e-book provides high-level strategies for migrating existing apps written for ASP.NET MVC and Web API (.NET Framework 4.x) to .NET Core.

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Blazor e-book

This free e-book introduces ASP.NET Web Forms developers to Blazor. It introduces Blazor concepts in parallel with analogous concepts in ASP.NET Web Forms.

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gRPC for WCF developers e-book

This free e-book explains gRPC, relating each concept to the equivalent features of WCF, and offers guidance for migrating an existing WCF app to gRPC.

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ASP.NET Core DevOps with Azure e-book

This guide introduces the basic concepts of building a development lifecycle around Azure using .NET tools and processes. After finishing this guide you'll have the knowledge needed to build a mature DevOps toolchain.

Modernizing existing .NET apps e-book

Learn how to move your existing .NET Framework server applications directly to the cloud by modernizing specific areas, without re-architecting or recoding entire applications.

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