.NET Conf 2020
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Download .NET Core 3.0 Runtime

The runtime includes everything you need to run existing .NET Core and ASP.NET Core applications

This release has reached end of life, meaning it is no longer supported. We recommend moving to a supported release, such as .NET Core 3.1 Runtime. See our support policy for more details.

Run desktop apps

Want to run an app that uses .NET Core on your Windows computer? Install both the .NET Core Runtime and the .NET Core Desktop Runtime.

Step 1: .NET Core Runtime

Download x64 Download x86

Step 2: .NET Core Desktop Runtime

Download x64 Download x86

Run server apps

Are you a system administrator wanting to deploy .NET Core and/or ASP.NET Core applications on a server?

The ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle includes the .NET Core runtime and ASP.NET Core runtime. If installed on a machine with IIS it will also add the ASP.NET Core IIS Module.

Download Hosting Bundle