Announcing Xamarin.Forms 5!
The largest release of Xamarin.Forms yet with new controls, features, and quality improvements.

Xamarin Ecosystem

Vibrant community of open source and commercial integrations for your apps

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Component ecosystem

Re-usable UI components from top component vendors like Telerik, UX Divers, GrapeCity, and Syncfusion help you get productive quickly. Be sure to check out the wide number of options when you're ready to get started!

Integrate with hundreds of mobile SDKs with open source component libraries including Google Play services, Facebook, Google APIs for iOS, and Android Support Libraries, to name a few.

Your favorite libraries

The .NET ecosystem is expansive with amazing developers around the globe building world class libraries to streamline development. Use your favorite NuGet libraries with Xamarin apps including SQLite, Polly, Reactive Extensions, Prism, Refit, and more.

Mobile to cloud with Azure & .NET

Most applications need a scalable, efficient and versatile back-end. Whether you need storage, a database or intelligent services in your app, Azure has just what you're looking for to power your mobile front-end.

Use the same tools, language, and code to develop apps for mobile, server, and cloud.

Learn about .NET SDKs for Azure

Real-time communication

The world moves fast, and we want you right there with it. Add real-time functionality with SignalR to deliver up-to-date information without hitting a refresh button. Now your server-side code can push content to connected clients as it happens, in real-time.

Read more about real-time apps with SignalR

Leverage iOS & Android library ecosystem

Need to use a native iOS (Objective-C) or Android (Java) library? Integrate them through Xamarin, with binding projects to create an enhanced C# API for the library that can be used in your apps.

Active community

Xamarin has an active community that is answering questions, producing samples, writing tutorials, authoring books, and more. The Xamarin Universal Library project provides a great community-maintained list of Xamarin resources, and Planet Xamarin is a central location for community bloggers.

You can stay up to date with new content on the official Xamarin Blog and YouTube channel. Get quick answers to questions with an active community of developers on Stack Overflow, Xamarin Q&A, and more.

100,000+ OSS contributions 3,700+ OSS company contributors

Open-source and free

Xamarin is part of the open-source .NET platform that has a strong community of contributors from more than 3,700 companies.

.NET is free, and that includes Xamarin. There are no fees or licensing costs, including for commercial use.

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