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ASP.NET Web Apps

Build full stack web apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C#

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Supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS

Modern, scalable web apps with .NET and C#

Use .NET and C# to create websites based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that are secure, fast, and can scale to millions of users.

Interactive web UI with C#

Blazor is a feature of ASP.NET for building interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor gives you real .NET running in the browser on WebAssembly.

Learn about Blazor

Dynamically render HTML with Razor

Razor provides a simple, clean, and lightweight way to create dynamic web content using HTML and C#.

With Razor you can use any HTML or C# feature. You get great editor support for both, including IntelliSense, which provides auto-completion, real-time type and syntax checking, and more.

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Seamless integration with your data

The popular Entity Framework (EF) data access library lets you interact with databases using strongly typed objects.

Most popular databases are supported, including SQLite, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and more, as well as non-relational stores such as MongoDB, Redis, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Entity Framework data access library

Build secure web apps

ASP.NET provides a built-in user database with support for multi-factor authentication and external authentication with Google, Twitter, and more.

ASP.NET supports industry standard authentication protocols. Built-in features help protect your apps against cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

Scaffolding, forms, and validation

Quickly scaffold user interfaces to interact with your data model, including query and update.

Dynamically generate HTML forms based on your strongly typed data model. Declaratively define validation rules, using C# attributes, which are applied on the client and server.

Built-in support for JavaScript UI frameworks

ASP.NET integrates seamlessly with popular JavaScript frameworks. Get started quickly with ASP.NET and React or Angular, using preconfigured templates.

Learn more about using SPA templates with ASP. NET

Model View Controller (MVC)

MVC is a design pattern used to decouple user-interface (view), data (model), and application logic (controller). ASP.NET has built-in support for the MVC pattern, making it easy to follow this design pattern.

Learn more about MVC with ASP.NET

Your platform, your tools

ASP.NET is cross-platform, allowing you to develop and deploy web apps on your OS.

The Visual Studio product family provides a great .NET development experience on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

If you prefer to use a different editor, there are .NET command-line tools and plugins for many popular editors.

Learn about .NET tools

Free hosting on Azure

Get 10 ASP.NET websites for free with Microsoft Azure.

You can also deploy to any major cloud platform, your own Linux or Windows servers, or one of many hosting providers.

Host for free with Azure

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Our step-by-step tutorial will help you get ASP.NET running on your computer.

Supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS

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