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Azure SignalR Service

Real-time communication as a scalable cloud service

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Real-time at Scale

Azure SignalR Service is a managed cloud service for hosting SignalR hubs. SignalR Service is fully managed, meaning you don't have to worry about hosting, scalability, load balancing, and other such details. Azure SignalR Service can scale to support millions of client connections.

SDKs, APIs, service integrations and other developers tools make development simple.

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Chat requires real-time bi-directional messaging to occur between connected clients.

Chat sample >

AI in real-time

Some AI applications, such as voice recognition and live translation, require real-time display of results.

Captioning & translation sample >

Location tracking

Widely used in transportation, logistics, and delivery, to track vehicles on map in real-time.

Flight map sample >

Real-time interactivity

Modern events call for hosts to interact with large audiences in real-time for polling, voting, etc.

Visitor statistics sample >

Data visualization

IoT dashboards, financial market data, and other visualizations require data be displayed in real-time.


Remote users can collaborate in real-time through documents, whiteboards, or even augmented reality.

Collaborative whiteboard sample >

Single Page Application made easy

Blazor is a single-page application framework for building client web apps with C#. Blazor has built-in support for running client logic on the server, using Azure SignalR Service. Developer tools in Visual Studio make it easy to develop and publish server-side Blazor applications to Azure with SignalR Service.

Server-side Blazor sample

Serverless support

SignalR Service integrates with Azure Functions and Event Grid, allowing your serverless apps to publish messages to clients connected to SignalR Service. Other serverless technologies can connect to a SignalR Service using the REST API.

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Supports all versions of ASP.NET

SignalR Service offers a native development experience for ASP.NET Core SignalR, including all protocol APIs and client SDKs in many different languages.

SignalR Service supports ASP.NET SignalR 2.x, for customers that still work with the ASP.NET 4.x stack.

Build a chat room app with ASP.NET 4.x

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Our step-by-step tutorial will help you get ASP.NET with SignalR running on your computer.

Supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS

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